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Medi Sense Clinic

A dedicated medical facility for occupational medicine, preventive medicine and general medical services in the United Arab Emirates.

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Services at Clinic Premises

Medi Sense is a new, state-of-art polyclinic, located in the heart of Dubai, where Occupational Medicine is the core activity.

Services at Companies Premises & Homecare Services

As part of Occupational, Preventive Medicine and Homecare Services:

  • Basic homecare services: evaluation, monitoring, treatment, sample collection.
  • Corporate sample collections: blood, urine, stool etc.
  • Vaccination on site: corporate employees or individuals.
  • Workplace visits: initiated for the medical provider to become familiar with the workplace conditions of the employees.
  • Workplace risk assessments: provision of advice on occupational, environmental and product hazard control.
  • Drug and alcohol screening.
  • Toxicology related tests.
  • Wellbeing campaigns: medical camps onsite.
  • Awareness programs: educational occupational and general medical programs.
  • Mental health support: for employees and corporate programs for management of stress in the workplace.
  • Mini-clinics at the companies premises etc.

Many major companies in the UAE have partnered with us

Medi Sense Clinic is a partnership venture, with a vision to create unique, dedicated, safe and of high quality services, in a one-stop facility capable to serve all medical concerns of its customers.


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Why us?

With an in-house DHA Licensed Occupational Medicine Specialist, OGUK and Norwegian certified Doctor, Bermuda approved Medical Doctor, Medi Sense Clinic will be able to serve all types of industries, including off-shore medicals.

Medi Sense Clinic has a dedicated and experienced Medical Team, with years of expertise in Occupational, General Medical, Cardiology, ENT. Gynecology, and other medical specialties, working with professionalism and dedication.

The in-house basic laboratory services, with accurate and prompt results, will help doctors in deciding the correct diagnostics for their patients and will serve to provide medical reports and results in a timely manner, subsequently, being able to provide the correct treatments and recommendations within each specialty.


For any of your occupational-related or general-related services, you can write to the Business Development Team of Medi Sense Clinic at [email protected] or call at 04 380 9803: Ext: 1020/1018

In general, the Business Development team responds within 24 hours, However. If there are specific requirements where the medical team of Medi Sense Clinic is required to be involved, then the response time will be 48-72 hours of receiving the queries or depending on the query.

For any kind of services at Medi Sense Clinic, the candidate or the Company’s Representative should communicate with the Medi Sense Clinic Coordinators through email and provide a minimum of 24 – 48 hours’ advance notification on their tentative dates for completion of the services at Medi Sense Clinic.

Medi Sense Clinic Coordinators shall communicate within 24 - 48 working days of receiving the appointment request and in accordance with the response received from the Medical Insurance Company.

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